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Ladies in White try to make Cuban children smile for Three Kings' Day

Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White

"If parents don't have enough to feed a child, much less will they have to give the child a gift (on Three Kings Day)," Berta Soler.

The leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler said that traditional parties hosted by her organization for Three Kings' Day will be held in advance, on January 4th, since children must attend school on January 6th, the date the holiday is traditionally celebrated.
Each of the delegations in the country will offer free gifts to all the children of the community as well as sweets, children's music and clown performances.
Following the tradition started by founder Laura Pollan in 2004, there should be "between 150 and 200 children and relatives of political prisoners," as well neighbors, gathered at the Ladies in White headquarters in Central Havana.
"We will at least try to make these children happy because the parents do not have at their disposal the means to buy toys at dollar stores that are so high-priced. If parents don't have enough to feed a child, much less will they have to give the child a gift," Soler said.
At first the children living near the Lady in White headquarters and their families were a bit apprehensive. But these days, as the date approaches, they ask, "if the Kings are having a little party, if they're bring toys, and if the clowns are coming."
Soler thanked "friends and organizations" that have made these gifts to Cuban children possible.
"The most important thing is that the community and parents know that we are well-intentioned women, we do not hurt anyone and seek happiness not only for our children and our families, but for all the people of Cuba, especially the children," she said.
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    Adriel Reyes

    Adriel Reyes is a journalist, researcher and university professor whose experience spans the radio, television and Internet platforms at The Martis. Specialist in Cuba's social issues. Follow him on Twitter: @ElZunzun