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Cuba : 6400 arrests for political reasons in 2013

Ladies in White

December was the month with the most dissident arrests of in Cuba since March 2012 , when there were 1,158.

The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) reported on Monday that Raul Castro's regime made more than 6,400 arrests for "political reasons," throughout 2013. Over a thousand of those occured in the last month of year, reports EuropaPress. For dissents, these figures demonstrate the "unacceptable situation of repression," in which they live, says the report.
December saw the most arrests of dissidents in Cuba since March 2012 , when there were 1,158 . On average, in 2013 there were 536 "political" arrests each month and, according to the CCDHRN's report-- an illegal, but tolerated organization by the regime-- the year ended with a total of 6,424.
"The level of physical violence used last month by the repressive forces and vigilante groups against peaceful dissidents was one of the highest in recent decades," warned the commission. These figures "eloquently" illustrate, the "unacceptable situation of political repression," in which Cuban dissidents live.
The CCDHRN, whose spokesman is Elizardo Sanchez, says that there is a "noticeable trend " of "increased repression." In this regard, he warned that "there is nothing to ensure" that this trend will be reversed unless the Castro regime gives up its "repressive intimidation" under pressure from the international community--something "not foreseeable," he said.
The Cuban Observatory of Cuban Rights, highlights EuropaPress, has joined the complaint warning in a statement of a "worrying increase in arbitrary arrests and acts of repression against peaceful dissidents," much of which took place precisely on the International Day of Human Rights.
The Observatory has particularly lamented the "soaring" violations of religious freedom of worship, especially against the Ladies in White and activists from organizations like the Patriotic Union of Cuba. Therefore, it has asked the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba to "take up the matter," and demand the authorities put an end to the abuse.