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About us

Who We Are

The Martis are a multimedia hub of news, information and analysis, providing the people of Cuba with interactive programming seven days a week through; broadcast and satellite television; shortwave and medium wave radio; flash drives, emails, DVDs, and SMS text. Our mission is to promote the principles of freedom and democracy in Cuban society.

What We Do

Marti programming focuses on subjects that are generally censored or slanted by the Cuban government and its state-run media, but includes a wide range of topics, such as news, sports, and entertainment. The Martis actively cover Cuba, with a network of independent journalists on the island, as well as reporters at the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) headquarters in Miami. Via radio, television, and digital media, the Martis bring fair, accurate, and comprehensive coverage to Cuba, in a way no other organization can.

Why We Do It

Cuba has one of the world's most restrictive media environments. The island nation consistently ranks in the bottom 10 of Freedom House's Freedom of the Press Index. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls Cuba one of the worst countries in which to be a blogger. It is in this environment that the Office of Cuba Broadcasting operates the Martis.

We represent a credible news source of Cuban news on the island. We are also leading the way for free Internet in Cuba by providing new tools, such as Piramideo, a social network that allows Cubans to connect, converse and unite, socially and professionally, free of government control.